The company ATLANT was founded in 2008.

At present, the company is a producer of PVC and ALU window and door frames known in Podlasie. It has its own production department and is currently at the stage of development of such departments as: marketing, research and development department, as well as distribution network in Poland and abroad. ATLANT products are valued not only in Poland but also in European Union countries.

The skills, experience and knowledge of a young, qualified team that the board puts in during the few years have resulted in the dynamic development of the enterprise, which allows investing income in innovative machines such as URBAN, KABAN, FIMTEC. The result of our activities is the production of high quality products in accordance with PN EN 14351-1: 2006 + A1: 2010.

The ATLANT offer can be ordered in various color and fitting combinations of such products as:

    • fix windows;
    • single-leaf windows;
    • double-leaf windows;
    • three-wing windows;
    • windows with a movable pillar;
    • sliding windows;
    • windows of various shapes (arches, circles, triangles, trapezoids);
    • single-wing balcony door;
    • double-wing balcony door;
    • balcony doors with a movable post;
    • sliding doors;
    • front door;
    • and other*.

We want to provide our clients with products that suit their changing expectations and needs.

By striving to achieve a high quality product and provide services at a satisfactory level, we make every effort in technical and organizational development of the work. Each stage of product development, starting from design, through production, ending with distribution, is carried out with the help of high-class machines and devices. The ATLANT company has modern computer equipment, software and a production line equipped with numerically controlled machine tools.

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