System cold AZ-45

System cold AZ-45

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  • System cold AZ-45
  • System cold AZ-45
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AZ-45 is a modern aluminum system used for making thermal insulation of elements for indoor construction such as: partitions, windows, doors – also sliding, swinging, folding and automatic, vestibules, glass cases, ticket box offices, bent constructions, etc. Construction depth of sections is: 52,6 mm for profiles of windows casements and 44,6 mm for other sections. In our offer there are profiles adapted for traditional surface hinges, as well as profiles with fitting groove for rebate corner hinges. Permissible filling in the scope 1- 28 mm. It can be single glazing, thermal glazing, as well as ‘sandwich’ type plates, polycarbonate (multi-chamber or solid), furniture boards, steel sheets (in combination with polyurethane, styrofoam or mineral wool). The appropriate glazing strips and gaskets are selected depending of the filling thickness.


Profiles are made of the EN AW-6060 alley according to PN-EN 573-3:2009. Size and shape tolerances are compliant with the PN-EN 12020-2:2001 standard. Perpendicular section connections are obtained by cutting profiles at 45˚ and putting corner’s profiles into the chamber, which can be picketed, twisted or kneaded. Transversal connections are made with the use of aluminum connectors which can be picketed or twisted. What is characteristic for this system is its close relations to AC-62 insulated window-door system, as well as other Morad systems. Such construction assumption made it possible to obtain and apply many compatible elements, e.g.: common beadings, corners, gasket strips, and window seals, cover gaskets, hardware and accessories. One of the effects of the unification is almost identical appearance both from the outside and the inside of the made products.




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