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plastic handle – a standard plastic handle used in windows and balcony doors,
metal handle – metal handle used in windows and balcony doors,
gold and silver metal handle,
door handle with a button – acts as a security function, prevents children from opening windows,
handle with a key – it allows closing the window to a key, which is included with the handle, serves as security,
double-sided handle with a lock for one- or two-leaf window – used mainly in balcony doors,
double-sided handle reflected with a lock – used mainly in external doors, but can also be used in balcony doors,
tilt grading function – allows you to block the tilted wing in one of several positions,
lock handle rotation function – a mechanism that enforces proper handling of the window, i.e. it makes impossible to tilt the wing when it is open,
opener mounted on the frame or on the wall – allows opening of tilt windows mounted at a high altitude.




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