Windows and doors with bactericidal properties

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The antibacterial effect of silver has been known for centuries and this property of this metal has been used in many “curative” applications, also for the production of bactericidal barriers (such as colloidal silver). Currently, the use of silver as an antibacterial additive is possible in many areas.

Elimination of the possibility of getting infected with bacteria, e.g. Escherichia coli through PVC windows or doors. Escherichia coli is a colon bacillus that is colloquially called a cola bacterium – under this name there are almost 200 different bacteria belonging to the same species. These bacteria, also in the mutated, particularly dangerous version, can be found almost everywhere. It is enough to contact contaminated objects to transfer the bacteria. E coli, through unwashed cancer, travels to the mouth, on the skin, on railings in buses, steering wheels of cars, door handles. The conducted research shows that on the control sample of granulate plates containing no nanosilver after 24 h, 1 500 cfu were revealed. However, on the test sample, a bacterial count of 190 CFU was determined with the nanosilver solution. This means that as a result of the nanosilver solution, the test plate showed a very high antibacterial activity – a decrease from 1,500 cfu to 190 cfu, which gives an improvement in the index (reduction in the number of live reference bacteria) by more than 87%. Inhibition of mold growth on the surface of PVC profiles. Mushroom molds are a natural part of our living environment. Their spores can be found almost everywhere, and so in interiors. Normally they are harmless. However, if the concentration of mold fungi exceeds a certain level, residents may begin to have health problems. In numerous studies on the effect of mold fungi on health, there is a relationship between the environmental burden of mold fungi and respiratory ailments. Inhaled spores and metabolic products of mold fungi with air can cause allergic reactions and irritations.

Thanks to the invention, this threat is eliminated.

Windows and doors with nanosilver coating available in the following lines: SILVER, SILVER STRONG, GOLD PROGRESS, REVLIS.

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