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Three years before the development of PROGRESS LIGHT profiles, a product with similar characteristics was introduced to the market, but with a construction height of 86 mm – Prestige THERM. Since then, intensive work on improving this product has continued. The result of these works is the LIGHT profile, with unusual technical characteristics:

six-chamber profiles with a depth of 80mm,.
low assembly of profiles (frame and sash) allows to obtain a greater amount of light penetrating inside the rooms,.
optional central seal in the window frame improves thermal and acoustic insulation,
additional gasket in the glazing chamber of the sash guarantees better thermal insulation of the window,.
the possibility of using the hottest 3-pane packages with a thickness of 48mm,.
large chambers of profiles enable the use of reinforcements with very good static and at the same time easy drainage of rainwater and ventilation of profiles,.
available 4 colors of cores: white, brown, caramel, anthracite,.
to choose up to 38 profile veneers,.
classic look of profiles without unnecessary rounding.

The PROGRESS LIGHT product uses a 6-chamber system of lead-free profiles with a depth of 80mm, which are made on the basis of ecological limestone-zinc stabilizers. The wide reinforcing chamber of the frame in which galvanized steel is placed is a high stability of the window, while the eight-millimeter overlap of the sash on the frame allows for perfect sealing with a rubber gasket. Optimal burglary protection is possible thanks to the use of anti-burglary catches, thanks to which we can feel safe. When using three-pane packages, better thermal and acoustic parameters can be obtained.

Standard PROGRESS LIGHT classic windows are available in white, while a wide palette of veneers gives the possibility to adjust the color of windows to any interior depending on the client’s expectations.


In the products of ATLANT, fittings are used by the renowned German company ROTO, which focuses on innovation.
The Roto NT hardware system we use is the most widespread in the world. The high-quality hardware system used for PVC windows from the leading technology leader meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, durability, service comfort and design. Each modular element of the Roto NT system is compatible and can be used in various combinations such as tilt windows, turn windows and tilt-and-turn windows.

Our company also uses the Roto Patio hardware system for tilting and sliding windows and doors, which allows the construction of large windows and balcony doors with a weight of 160 kg. This solution meets the most demanding customers who can enjoy the collision-free opening of balcony doors or windows with the possibility of using the interior space, because open wings do not enter the room.


In PROGRESS LIGHT windows, the basic glazing package is the one in which the LOOK coating has been applied (THERMOFLOAT). The main advantage of LOOK windows is a guarantee of faithful reflection of colors and shapes, which gives the opportunity to properly illuminate the interior of the room and the correct view of the landscape outside.

There is a possibility of using different packages of insulating glass, which are made of high quality plastic to size and customer needs of various shapes such as arches, trapeziums, bevels and others.

The basic glazing is used as a single-chamber single-chamber glazing 4 / 16AR / 4TM with a transmission coefficient of U = 1.1 or U = 1.0 with an additional coating LOOK (THERMOFLOAT). A two-chamber glazing package 4 / 12AR / 4 / 12AR / 4TM is very often used with a permeation coefficient of U = 0.7. In addition, you can use glass sets with a warm frame with different colors adapted to window profiles.

Basic glazing units can be combined with other functions depending on the customer’s needs. You can order combined glass with glass:

safe and anti-burglary;

Glass pane packages can be enriched with inter-pane mullions in similar wood veneer colors or painted in an individual RAL color, which gives the windows an elegant and unique look. In-glazing bars are an ornamental element of the glazing unit, which are permanently attached in the frame between the panes. There is also a two-tone color scheme adapted to the client’s needs – the color visible from the outside is different from the color visible from the inside of the room. There are muntins with the following width: 8mm, 18mm, 26mm, 45mm.




6-ścio komorowy system bezołowiowych profili
system okuć Roto NT
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